5 rules for efficient management of your offshore software development

5 rules for efficient management of your offshore software development

In the IT industry, many companies decide to outsource their projects. An offshoring software development team has various benefits, including lower costs and more detailed project management. An offshore software development team is a challenge to manage because of the lack of physical presence and differences in time zone and culture. Offshore projects are prone to failure unless they are handled with care. To get the maximum efficiency from an offshore software development team, here are five rules that will help you and your project succeed. All these tips apply to software, app, or website development projects.   1. Be sure that the developers you hire are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and the skills to use them The web is changing fast, and so are the tools available to make a website. You want your website to reflect the latest and greatest trends in web design and usability. When making this decision, consider a developer’s experience with JavaScript libraries like React, Angular, Backbone, and Node. If they have experience with them, they will be able to create apps that run fast in any modern browser. They’ll know how to structure their code in a way that makes it maintainable and testable. What are the requirements for your software and development team? Here are some questions to ask. Check and see how long the developers have worked in design and programming. Secondly, find out how long the developers have worked with the technologies they say they know. Then, ask what sites they have developed and check them out. Finally, find out if they have hired  new developers to their team recently or if any of their developers have left the company recently.  They often assign projects to their most junior team members, so it’s important to find out the skill level of the person/people who will work on the project. You could also suggest requesting bios/resumes of the developers who will work on the project.   2. Invest in a small, effective, and experienced project management team A good project management team lets you sleep well at night and helps you feel confident that your project is going in the right direction. In a best-case scenario, the project will help your business grow and succeed. An effective project management team will facilitate communication and control the workflow throughout the project. They should be flexible, well trained, and up to date with the latest technologies so they can manage a well-defined workflow and be the link between the developers and the client. A professional project management team is the key to ensuring that your project will be successful. Prior to starting the project, the vendor should provide you and their team with a solid project plan, with all the milestones and deliverables clearly defined. The communication between the client and the offshore developer should be constant and clear. This is also one of the most important aspects of a good project management team. As the head of the project, the project manager (PM) is familiar with all details of your project and knows exactly how to handle them according to the plan. The PM is your point of contact and will deal with other companies involved to make the project run smoothly. The PM also sets the meeting dates and agendas for all parties involved, and manages deadlines to ensure timely deliveries. A good software development process is simple to apply. The client makes change requests through the project management team. Then, the project manager assigns the tasks to a developer. The client can keep track of every new revision on the project while it’s being developed.    3. Ensure every person you hire is aware of your company’s mission and vision, as well as its working methodology Every new member you hire is likely to have some impact on your operation and workflow. A small alteration in the initial steps of your hiring process could make a big difference in the future of your business, so it’s imperative that you define the process clearly for everyone involved. Otherwise, if your team members don’t feel as significant or important as the others, you could eventually suffer from major problems, such as communication issues or conflicts. One of the key tools that will help set up a company for success is a well-defined hiring process. Successful companies operate with a clearly defined hiring methodology and avoid random selection, depending on methodical approaches to find the best talent. Once these people are working for your company, you should continue nurturing them, introducing new ideas, sharing the latest knowledge, and keeping them updated on the latest trends. The best candidates for your team must have characteristics such as initiative, good communication, and a sense of commitment to get the best performance. Furthermore, they need to have open lines of communication with team members at every level and be a good fit with the team culture.   4. Prioritize continuous communication with all team members and listen to their queries, needs, and ideas Through crystal-clear communication, every team member should feel involved and have a sense of belonging to the team. Everyone involved should share all ideas, content, links, tasks with the rest of the members at any level. In this way, you can always be sure that everyone stays accountable for their responsibilities. Open communication between different teams and members of the team is crucial for the project’s success. The smooth flow of information and feedback directly reflects on the speed of development and the quality of delivered products. Thanks to good organization skills, each member of the team should have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and when to do them. Every single member of the team should feel a vital part of the whole process because if something unexpected happens, and someone steps away from the project, the rest of the team is still able to complete the work. When we build consistent communication between all team members, it not only strengthens our friendship but also leads us to successful results.   5. Team members must always strive to be transparent, committed, and communicative Building a team capable of handling an offshore project is not a simple task. There are obvious criteria such as relevant skills, good communication, and experience, but the most important ingredients are trust, commitment, and a professional and positive attitude. Transparency should be adopted at all times in communications between the internal team to external stakeholders as well as between clients and their stakeholders. The ability to be transparent is key for managing expectations and avoiding misunderstandings. Discipline, motivation, and commitment are required attributes for developing a successful offshore team. Those who belong to a remote team need to experience the right team dynamic in order to make things happen. Stand-out success is only possible when members of an offshoring team have the benefits of transparency, openness, and clear communication. Whether it’s a one-time job or an ongoing relationship with a partner company, the success of an offshore partnership depends mostly on communication and trust. If you do not communicate effectively and establish trust, your project will fail. These are the most important keys to success when working with an offshore partner. It is in your best interest to minimize the number of misinterpretations that could lead to problems down the road. With a strong start, you can manage your outsourced project efficiently and make your business profitable.  

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