What is software development?

Software development is the process programmers use to create computer programs. Software development involves using at least one programming language that provides functionality to address a particular objective and it includes researching, reusing, maintaining or improving software products.

What are the different software development phases?

The different phases or steps involved in software development are known altogether as the software development life cycle. They are: Identify the viability, strengths and weaknesses of the software you want to develop; requirement analysis and Software Requirement Specification document; Software design, Software development and implementation; Testing; Software Deployment and maintenance.

What is web development?

Web development or website development refers to the tasks associated to the building, creating and maintaining of websites and web applications that run online or on browsers. It implies designing the features and functionality of websites and apps. Web development can be classified in Frontend Development and Backend Development. Frontend development is the part of the website that the user interacts directly with; backend development is used to storage and arrange data and it’s the part of the site that clients don’t interact directly with.

What factors should I consider in software enhancement?

Software enhancement is usually a challenging process and businesses need to take these factors into consideration to ensure that the final result is successful. The factors are: Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current software, Management commitment, Have rational expectations of the software improvement process, Have a Motivating and Challenging Environment, A Favorable Environment will add success to the software enhancement process, Have a team trained in software improvement, Have a software enhancement plan, Set goals to be achieved, Quality assessment.

What is QA or Quality Assurance?

In software engineering, QA or Quality Assurance implies the continuous process of monitoring all the software engineering processes, methods and work products to ensure the software product complies with the organization’s established quality specifications.

What is Application Integration?

As its name implies, application integration is the process of enabling individual applications—each designed for its own specific purpose—to work with one another.