When looking for a team to design and develop a custom software application, rely on experts that can make your goals their own!

CodingIT is an agile, highly experienced team that combines US-based operations and project management with a 100% hand-selected Argentinian team of Developers, Designers, and User Interface/User Experience experts.

CodingIT Custom Software Development
CodingIT Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software and What Can It Do For You?


Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software that is built for a specific set of users and/or requirements.
In other words, it is a bespoke solution to your business’ specific problems!
One of the major advantages of custom software is that it gives you full control over how you interact with your customers, both internal and external.

Whether it’s creating a better workflow, solving operational obstacles with innovative solutions, or creating a new arena for your business to pursue, custom software development is meant to allow you the opportunity to focus on what’s important, your customers!

Software Development Stages

CodingIT works with you to pursue that which may seem out of reach by working to understand your business, objectives, needs, and define a great solution.

★ Discovery – we work with you to ensure your vision is fully understood and goal posts are clearly defined

★ Statement of Work – after we have uncovered what needs to be done to deliver, we provide a detailed assessment of your project and estimated costs to achieve your goals.


Communication is paramount to the success of any development project. CodingIT crafts artfully designed solutions that take into account data and process flows, intuitive user experiences, and robustly engineered architecture to ensure your project has staying power.

★ Information Architecture – without a stable foundation, no project has a chance at success. Wireframing and flows are the major limiting factors in the software development process. Having our dedicated team on your side ensures that every detail is thought out and pitfalls are avoided.

★ Design & Prototype – During this phase, we are taking all the information gathered to build you a first glimpse into the possibilities.


By expertly applying cutting-edge technologies, we develop applications and platforms that scale with your business.

★ Development – Working in 2 week sprints with demo days to allow for ongoing feedback and transparency.

★ Deployment – Whether it’s a simple change or an epic feature, we make sure it’s done the right way, the first time.


CodingIT works closely with you to ensure your project is ready for prime time by rigorously testing before and after publication to verify uptime and performance meet our stringent standards.

★ Support – What good is a product without someone willing to stand behind it? At CodingIT, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

★ Evolution – Solutions that scale with your business are our specialty!

CodingIT Custom Software Development
CodingIT Custom Software Development

Get Your Software Development Plan


Are you interested in having custom software developed for your business?

At Coding IT, we know that a well thought out software development plan is essential for success. A software development plan lists all the activities that the development team and the Project Manager (PM) need to complete in order to ensure an organized management of the software development process.

It involves documenting and covering everything from the concept to the requirements, scheduling the timeline, project monitoring, establishing the desired deliverables and potential revisions, defining an accurate budget, and the resources needed to deliver a bespoke software solution.

Reach out to us today to hear about how we approach this process and what we feel sets us apart from other development companies.

Why Choose Coding IT for Custom Software Development?


Coding IT is your partner of choice in custom software development because we are passionate about software development and understand the importance that tailored software has for your business.

Our professional developers are committed to providing you with top quality customized software that accurately performs the tasks that allow you to reach your personal and business goals at a fantastic value!

We are confident that after the first interaction with our team, you will see the difference!

CodingIT Custom Software Development

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