Web Integration is another of the web services that we offer at Coding IT. However complex it may seem, it’s a process that is quite simple to understand.

You may need our web integration services if you need your website to send and/or receive information from another website or application to save time and give a better user experience to your customers every single time they interact with your website. 

As companies are increasingly interested in offering their customers a more rounded experience each and every time they interact with their website, we’ve seen a growing demand in web integration.

From businesses asking for web chat integration for a more fluent customer service or web application integration to simplify the purchase process or other web services integration, this is one of our custom web development services that people are more curious about.

Are you interested in knowing how web integration can work for your site? Talk to us and let’s see how we can help.

Advantages and Challenges of Web Integration

There are many advantages to web integration. Amongst them we can mention:


  • Instantaneous access to up-to-date information: Forget about wondering if your data is accurate when dealing with a customer request or fulfilling a purchase order. Web integration is seamless and in real time so you can rest assured that what you’re seeing on your screen is precisely what you need. 
  • Less Administration Overhead: Get ready to save time and money as you won’t need to copy and paste information from one system to another.
  • Less Boring Repetitive Tasks: Knowing that whichever change or addition you make on one system will instantaneously reflect on the other allows you to say goodbye to boring and repetitive tasks and start focusing on more challenging and important tasks.
  • Get a Single Data Source: Integrating for instance your website with your CRM allows you to have only one (and accurate) data source for each contact or product. In addition, you reduce the chances of human error or of having duplicate records.
  • Customer Profiling is Easier: Having more accurate and updated information about each customer makes it easier for your sales team to have a deeper and richer profile of each client. 
  • Increased Sales: The more you know about your customers, the higher chances you have of selling more of your products or services to them!

It’s undeniable that web integration is essential to improve the overall performance of your company, have a 360° view of your business while allowing you at the same time to focus on specific processes when needed. However, it’s not always that easy. Some of the most relevant challenges that business face when integrating systems are:


  • Your company may be using different systems to collect data that doesn’t connect with the rest of your software ecosystem
  • The different teams can be reluctant to swap to a different system, even though it may enable them to access more insightful information.
  • Cross-team and cross-company integrations can be complex.
  • You need to consider bi directional integrations

How do you integrate a web or mobile application?


There are different successful ways in which you can seamlessly move forward with web integration:

  • Redirecting traffic from the website to the app
  • Replicating the core features of the website
  • Incorporating certain app-specific features
  • Offering a seamless transition
Integrate a web or mobile application

Why Choose Coding IT for Web Integration?


Relying on a knowledgeable team experienced in web integration is essential to successfully overcome the different challenges that may arise and be able to enjoy your improved system. At Coding IT our top team of developers can help you integrate your web, CRM and whatever other system you may be using in a seamless and efficient manner.

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