We help formulators and retailers by relying on bespoke techniques backed by science and cutting-edge enterprise level marketing tools made availabCoding IT is your cannabis marketing expert in Austin, TX.le to companies over $500,000 in sales and looking to grow exponentially.

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Our recent achievements

D8 THC Austin

Dispensary and apothecary based in Austin, TX who needed to attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Marketing Automation + SEO to grow their reach and keep customers engaged online


Our Job


Our customer acquisition plan included the integration of our proprietary tool kit to their website and the establishment of multiple triggering events on their site. In order to turn them into a conversion powerhouse, CodingIT mirrored the same level of expertise you would find in their brick-and-mortar locations. Building trust with new and current customers by demonstrating their care for the customers.  Is this something your online business may need? Contact us to learn more!

Our Results


  • 15% increase in revenue in less than 120 days without discounts or promotions.  

  • ROI goals were met in less than 30 days, accounting for 7.5% of the client’s revenue online in that short time. 

  • 8% increase in newsletter and email update subscriptions within first 30 days

  • Exceeded all revenue targets during the 90 day pilot. 

  • 232 new incoming links in a month

Healing Dragon CBD



Premier provider of legal hemp-derived CBD products and hemp-derived medical cannabis products in Omaha, Nebraska.

Website Development + Local SEO to facilitate retargeting of a transient customer population and provide those living in more rural areas of Nebraska with an easier way to fulfill their orders.


Our Job


The web development team at Coding IT developed a new website in WIX for the client at their request.  The new platform is aligned to the cannabis marketing strategy and strongly contributed to solving the customer acquisition problems that the client was having. It is more user-friendly and provides a more rounded UX to customers while at the same time serves as a seamless, strong and reliable e-commerce tool that simplifies the process of fulfilling orders online. This, together with a well-targeted Local SEO campaign contributed to strengthening the client’s local presence. Tell us about your store if this sounds like your business needs a hybrid approach!

Our Results


  • A website that is 100% aligned with the cannabis marketing strategy of the client without compromising what makes them unique.

  • In 45 days, the client ranked #1 for CBD in Nebraska on maps applications like Google Maps, Bing Places, and more!


Other problems we’ve solved:

Created a Marketplace:  

  • Created dynamic experiences for users that featured their bespoke offerings
  • Built a new platform for returning customers and those looking to purchase without being near the brick-and-mortar location
  • Developed eye-catching web design to convey the brand’s sensibilities.
  • UI/UX design + planning for rapid growth: scalable infrastructure intended since the beginning
Analytics and Data Tracking Ecommerce

Developed Custom-tailored Solutions:  

    • Robust backend to accommodate hundreds to thousands of users operating on the platform simultaneously.
    • Develop the infrastructure needed to handle 300,000 registered requests per day seamlessly
    • Integrated an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for users without access to a computer or mobile device.



      What Inspires Us

      Website conversions, how to fix it

      At Coding IT we are convinced that every company is a software company at some point and cannabis organizations are no exception to the rule.

      We believe that companies that want to be the best in their industry, niche, or sector need to own their software solutions instead of relying on the same tools as the competition.  It’s the only way in which they can be totally assured that the software they choose to integrate with their business totally aligns with their goals.

      When a tool is made to serve everyone, it may not be exactly what your cannabis company needs to take it to the next level.

      Our dedicated team of professional web developers, designers, and engineers know what it takes to turn your website or tech stack into the ultimate growth vehicle.  We take the time to ask the right questions in order to completely understand your business and the challenges you face every day to develop a software solution that is going to make your business better.  Tired of the wasted time, energy, and money?  Contact us today and tell us what we can help you achieve!

      List of Additional Services offered: SEO, Local SEO, Marketing Automation, Web Development

      Social Indicators: TP, GR, Clutch, etc

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