Aligning Users with Service Providers

Transportation is a concern, regardless of the environment.  Con Quién Viajo (CQV) was a project that was designed to address a big need in Latin America, access to safe, reliable transportation.  

It is not a hidden fact that most citizens in Latin American countries do not have their own vehicles and rely, heavily, on public transportation.   Knowing this, the team at CIT saw an opportunity to be of service in an impactful way.  

So, how do you use technology to bridge the gap of inconsistent transportation options and public safety?  By developing a multiple faced application that aligns riders with Taxi Drivers to get them to their desired destination, safely.


Planning for rapid growth

from the beginning


Understanding the urgency of the need, we worked diligently to provide users and drivers a rewarding experience.  This includes not only UX/UI and Design, but planning for rapid expansion into new cities, states and countries.  All told, the application was able to impact 3 countries and has hundreds of thousands of users; but how did we plan for that meteoric rise? By having scalable infrastructure included from the first days of development!

By utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and some other tools, we were able to have a robust backend that was able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of users operating on the platform at the same time.  The system was prepared to receive millions of petitions from several countries every month, taking into account that each vehicle sends a position every 10 seconds 24/7. To give you some hard numbers, we created a system that could handle 300,000 registered requests per day without issue!  All the infrastructure was allocated in AWS with LoadBalancers to EC2 Instance and using S3 instances as we needed.

What was the impact?



The application, in its final form, wound up with 2 user bases, drivers and riders.  However, we needed to include an option for those without access to computers or smartphones.  To engage this audience in a manner that they did not have access to before, the team decided to integrate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for those that must call in with a pick up and drop off location!  This would trigger a notification to the nearest driver with a geolocation and desired destination for the rider.  By doing this, we were able to automate over 50% of the calls received by dispatchers and make the drivers far more efficient at locating riders.

Riders and drivers in Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador now had a solution that not just solved a transportation and logistics problem, but improved the delivery of the service to those who may have been left out otherwise!



React Native  ·  Android  ·  Google Maps


★ Back-End

NodeJS  ·  Cake PHP  ·  FCM



HTML  ·  CSS  ·  JS  ·  Ajax


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