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Anyone who has been in business for longer than an hour can tell you that customer acquisition and retention are areas of constant headache. The options available to businesses looking to attract new customers online are typically tried and true: paid advertising, organic traffic growth (also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short), and social media platform growth. All are viable strategies that can yield results. However, what if you are extremely limited in what you can do as a business? Not because of budget or time, but because you happen to be in an industry that is highly regulated, such as Cannabis or CBD.

Winning a new customer is hard enough, but how do you keep them coming back? Customer recidivism and ongoing engagement are difficult enough tasks in the real world for any business, muchless in this fast-paced digital world with products that are regulated by state and federal governments. That was the issue Delta 8 THC Austin was living with. They had a phenomenal strategy for in-store clientele, but were missing the same experience for those who chose to shop online.

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How do you match an in-store

experience online?


Ask 10 marketers or business owners this question and you will most likely get several different answers. Paying for advertisements on multiple channels based upon keyword research, traffic patterns, A/B testing, and industry trends can definitely win a customer or several, but does nothing to address those that have experienced the service or product and not coming back.
Some will encourage you to lean into social media and content that addresses the audiences found there. But, what if you are not able to do so because of the industry and products you represent?

Others may recommend that you create or implement a loyalty program that encourages engagement and repeat business. This idea works fantastically well, but the public tends to not enroll in these programs until they find a business to be trustworthy and worth patronizing multiple times.

A smaller number might be savvy to the process of SEO in conjunction with a highly structured Marketing Automation campaign. Allowing for the best of both worlds, attracting a steady stream of new customers and having a powerful tool to win back those same users. Thus providing the business with the opportunity to provide a dynamic user experience for each interaction the customer has digitally.

Therefore you need to find a way to engage all users based upon not only their patronage frequency and spending habits but also have a dynamic engagement plan for each tier or type of customer who comes through your “door”.

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In short, Marketing Automation combined with a custom Search Engine Optimization campaign addressed two core areas of concern for this Cannabis retailer. Allowing them the opportunity to not only grow their reach, but keep their customers engaged without having to step foot in the brick-and-mortar location(s).

By offering Delta 8 THC Austin the ability to share what differentiates them, who their ideal audience is, how they communicate their value to their customers, and why their audience prefers to trust them over the competition, CodingIT was able to develop an all encompassing strategy that consistently positions them as a trusted resource.
Presenting users with personalized communication via email or SMS was only one step in the chain. Afterall, they would have to have signed up for the newsletter or purchased an item to be eligible for this process. We also chose to integrate our proprietary tool kit to their website, establishing multiple triggering events on the web platform that served as key purchase decision making steps to the user, influencing what they would see and how they were directed around the site. Thus, opening a new world of dynamic experiences that closely mirrored what someone would expect if they visited their retail outlet(s).

What were the results?


How about an extra 15% of gross sales in less than 120 days without having to offer a single discount or promotion?!! You read that right. CodingIT was able to help this e-commerce website in the CBD industry discover an extra 15% of sales revenue. By leveraging our expert team, uncovering what makes this particular merchant stand out, and understanding what customers in the CBD segment are missing on other platforms, we were able to carve out a supplemental revenue stream for the business.

Here are some fast facts and figures for you:

  • In as little as 14 days, Delta 8 THC Austin was able to achieve 200% ROI and accounted for roughly 7.5% of the revenue of their online platform as a whole.
  • In 28 days, they had seen an INCREASE in newsletter and email update sign ups of 8% taking the subscriber total from 7,000 to over 7,500 (and growing every day).
  • By day 90, we had exceeded our original goal of 10% growth of online revenues.

Want to know the best part? This client barely had to lift a finger to reap these rewards. They were free to focus on other areas of the business whilst the talent team at CodingIT implemented this powerful strategy to unlock growth in their business model. In time, these results will become the cornerstone of how his future ventures in the CBD industry are based.

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