Online Marketplace for teachers and students

Sometimes you just have to dance!! Harkalive is an interactive marketplace where prospective students can find live or pre-recorded instruction for all styles of dance disciplines, yoga, functional fitness, and much more!

Harkalive was an idea that spun out of the global pandemic that required expertly applied web development, engaging design, expert-level UX/UI, and life-altering content.


Creating dynamic experiences for users

Building a marketplace is no easy feat.  Especially when the users may be those that have never interacted with a website or platform like it before.  

CIT built separate pathways for instructors and students to make the process of onboarding and starting a lesson as easy as clicking a button!  Instructors can not only upload pre-recorded videos into a library for prospective students to preview or experience at their convenience , but they can also host live classes that automatically upload onto their page.  Students can find classes based upon multiple categories, discover new classes via a real-time feed of available classes, and pay all on 1 simple platform!

Eye-Catching Web Design

CIT was tasked with creating not just a web platform, but a marketplace that keeps users coming back for more.  Being that instructor content was out of our hands (as it should be as developers aren’t known for their movement), we were faced with the difficult problem of how to encourage participation from multiple countries, discerning users, and alternative motivations.

By utilizing a custom video segment as the user’s first impression of the platform, we were able to communicate one of the fundamental ideas behind the platform and humanity, movement is joy.  The user is then greeted by available classes, a searchable database of groups, or for those unsure of where to start, a quick quiz to make suggestions of your first experience.  Encouraging participation from the first impression is an integral part of the success of the website.  We created a website that not only accomplishes its goals, but does so in a fun, light-hearted way.



PHP  ·  NodeJS  ·  CakePHP  ·  FCM



HTML ·  CSS  ·  JS  ·  Ajax





Need to build your own online marketplace?

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Our Services

Custom Software Development

Tackle any operational obstacle with custom software applications that improve productivity, efficiency, and your bottom line. Stop trying to make the latest Software as a Service solution work for your business and invest in a solution from CIT that actually makes your business run better.

Custom Web Development

Responsive, Engaging Web Design is paramount. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so why not trust a team of industry-leading experts to build your next website? At CIT, we specialize in providing your audience an ideal platform that converts viewers into customers.

Mobile Application Development

From ideation to execution, our dedicated team of engineers & development professionals deliver dynamic designs, UX/UI expertise, and unparalleled attention to detail for those seeking a trusted resource in Mobile App Development.

Local SEO

Are you looking to be the best resource for your services to your community? At CIT, we audit local data, citations, Google Business Profile, social media, vertical directories, and then fully optimize listings on over 200 sites, which helps websites move to the top of local results.

Search Engine Optimization

CIT offers SEO services for your website to help you overcome the obstacles set forth in the modern, digital world. Through our decades of combined experience, we have the ability to increase your organic positioning, improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and encourage users to convert into customers of your business.

Logo & Branding

Whether you need to refresh your current logo or you want an all-new look, CIT takes the time to understand you and your customers to bring your brand to life at every touchpoint.


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