SaaS Solution for Accounting Firm Managing

Research & Development Tax Credits

What do you think the most common aspect of entrepreneurship or business operations would be the most hated?

We are willing to bet the most common answer would be Accounting/Bookkeeping. In fact, even Certified Public Accountants struggle with these tasks for themselves when they have no issue performing them for clients. 

For the brave souls that dare to take on the responsibility of accounting and tax preparation, there are few tools available to ease the burden of chasing paperwork, answers to questions, 
or even simple automated systems to ease the stress of their reality.

That’s where CodingIT stepped in with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Business Process Automation that has yielded fantastic results in a short time. The team at CodingIT was able to develop a system that not only simplifies the information gathering and exchange process, but automates large portions of the workflow to increase efficiency, shorten timelines, and allow them to scale without excessive payroll costs.


The Problem


It happens in every industry; identifying a process can be improved upon, but being unsure of what can be done to address it. Imagine having an established process that is effective and is integral to your business, but has a series of milestones dependent on others’ timelines, ability to complete paperwork, and exchange information. A series of complex matrices in the form of spreadsheets that meet the need, but are missing the ability to expertly apply the data without a lot of human touch points and data entry. That is what Tax Hack was dealing with everyday. Tax Hack had the expertise to facilitate their client’s needs and achieve fantastic results, but identified an area of inefficiency that needed addressing to better serve their clientele.

Previous system

Tax Hack’s processes for Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit applications were well established and battle-tested, but were exceedingly time consuming, for themselves and their clients. The previous methods were missing the ability to automatically engage their clients with reminders. They also lacked the ability to automatically tabulate where a client was in the process of their application and what the next steps were without manually doing so. What could be done to complete these time-consuming administrative tasks, whilst still allowing Tax Hack to keep the client engaged with the process?

Enter CodingIT.

Figma design

It takes more than an
understanding of the problem


  • ‘Discovery’ in the technology space tends to be most associated with front-end sales activity. A salesperson helps a potential client uncover their needs or desires and offers a solution. ‘Discovery’ at CodingIT means a lot more. Every project we take on starts at this step.

  • At CodingIT, we are proud to clarify, define, and plan out custom solutions with our clients that will, hopefully, solve our client’s issue forever. This project was no different.

  • During the ‘Discovery’ phase, we engrossed ourselves into their business processes over the course of tens of hours to ensure we not only understood the pitfalls and inefficiencies, but what could be done to improve them. Via interviews and observations, our team was able to present options that other software providers could not, a bespoke web application that addressed their needs without any compromises.
Implementation steps

The Ideal Solution



During the initial phase of the project, we worked alongside the team at Tax Hack to uncover their lofty goals and build a system that was going to be a crown jewel in their business. CodingIT was tasked with developing a solution that could accomplish the following:


  • The ability to have tiered access for users to accomplish their assigned tasks without unnecessary information exchange
  • Manage and distribute client communication based upon their established process
  • Present smart dashboards based upon a client’s progression
  • Automate large portions of the R&D workflow for the Tax Hack team to save time and budget whilst not compromising quality or compliance
  • Provide a web-based application with delightful and intuitive user experience for different audiences and goals


How was all this accomplished? By having a committed, result oriented team that makes your goals their own! In a matter of weeks CodingIT was able to present a finalized draft of what the application needed to be to exceed their expectations. Once approved, our fantastic team of engineers and developers built a tool that has become integral to the future growth potential of Tax Hack. Freeing up time to allow their team to better service their clientele and attract others who could benefit from their services.

What technologies were applied?


Laravel         Mysql         AWS

Tech- Stack


API managed


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